SENIA Manila to hold 2nd Annual Conference

The Special Education Network (SENIA) Manila Chapter is holding its Second Annual Conference at the International School Manila on March 9, 2013. More than 70 educators from various schools in Manila pre-registered for the one-day conference.

The workshop line-up for the SENIA Manila Second Annual Conference are as follows. Participants must pre-register for sessions they wish to attend.


Oral and Written Language Development: Answering, Reasoning and Commenting on a Topic by Catherine Marie Kahn

This workshop aims to provide teachers with a few simple steps in guiding children in writing exercises. It is very useful with one on one teacher-student sessions and can also be useful inside the classroom.

Speaker Profile: Ms. Catherine Marie Kahn studied in the University of Asia and the Pacific, Philippines specializing in Early Childhood Development and Education. She spent one year of training in The Resource Room, Cebu City focusing on children with learning disabilities. Ms. Kahn is currently working in Brent International School Manila as a student services teacher for Lower School and ELC.

Bringing OT into the Classroom by Francis Buenaventura

This workshop recognizes the occupational therapy “OT” needs in middle school classrooms and aims to address these needs.

Speaker Profile: Mr. Francis Buenaventura is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy and is current working towards his Masters of Arts in Special Education. He teaches Filipino in the middle school and is part of the Student Learning Services at the Beacon School. He has more than twelve years experience as a learning support teacher in various international schools.


Understanding the Effects of Behavior Modification by Rogel Pedragosa, Jr.

This workshop focuses on the application of behavior modification with discussions on what behavior modification is, examples of behavioral modification interventions, implementing interventions and considerations when implementing behavior modification techniques.

Speaker Profile: Mr. Rogel Pedragosa, Jr. is on his third year as a Learning Support Educational Assistant at International School Manila. He is a Physical Therapy graduate who after handling diverse pediatric cases, decided to pursue a career in special education. Before serving ISM, he worked as a special education teacher for nine years at Shine Intervention Center.

“Thinking About You. Thinking About Me”: Teaching Perspective Taking and Social Thinking to Persons with Social Cognitive Learning Challenges by Marianne Mariano-Viloria and Catherine Watson

Speakers’ Profile: Ms. Marianne Mariano-Viloria or Yanie is a teacher at the Beacon School. She works with the Student Learning Services Team which provides services to children with special needs. She is currently completing her masters thesis in special education at De La Salle University, Manila.

Ms. Catherine Watson is an experienced special education teacher with 18 years of experience. She has taught in Africa and the United States. Ms. Watson is currently doing social thinking with K-12 students in Brent International School Manila.


Level the Playing Field: Structured Play Dates for Children with Autism by Maria Rosario Gonzales

This workshop aims to introduce the Structured Play Date (SPD) as a home-based, parent-run social skills intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders. The speaker will describe the SPD’s salient features and provide clips of actual sessions she facilitated with a young child with autism.

Speaker Profile:

Ms. Maria Rosario “Charro” Gonzales works in the Elementary School Learning Support Department of the International School Manila. She studied BS Psychology at St. Joseph’s College where she graduated with honors. She recently completed her Masters in Education major in Special Education from Miriam College.

Multisensory Math: Using Manipulatives to Understand Multiplication, Division and Fractions by Chitty Cruz and Joysie Rufino

This workshop aims to introduce the Math U See curriculum–a concept, mastery and multisensory program for students. The speakers will conduct a demonstration on how manipulatives can be used to reteach or reinforce math concepts to students. Application activities will be done to encourage the use of multisensory activities in helping students understand math and retain their learning.

Speakers’ Profile: Chitty Cruz has a BS degree in Biology and a MEd in Cross-Categorical Special Education. She is a student learning support teacher currently working with grades 4 and 6 at The Beacon School.

Joysie Rufino has a MEd in Curriculum and Instruction with a Specialization in Literacy and is currently working on her MEd in Elementary Mathematics. She is part of Student Learning Support at The Beacon School and currently works with grades 3 and 5.

Cooperative Learning for More Engaging Classrooms by Jackilynne Mateo

This workshop focuses on cooperative learning routines and strategies that participants can implement in their classes. In cooperative learning, students work in pairs or in groups to brainstorm, explore and invent new ideas. The strategy also provides a setting for students to learn important social skills.

Speaker Profile:
Ms. Jackilynne “Jacky” Mateo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education from the University of the Philippines. She has been teaching literacy for the past nine years in various educational settings. Her experience includes developing a basic literacy module for street children, helping a foundation in teaching out of school youth in Payatas Quezon City, as well as teaching Filipino and Christian Living Education in Multiple Intelligence International School. She is currently working as a teacher assistant in International School Manila, ESL Department.


Empowering Teachers: Self-Advocacy for Equitable Access for Learning by Mark Shaun Agdeppa, Michaela Aguilar and Arden Cecilia Gonzales

This is a self-advocacy workshop rooted on the process of discovery and awareness for a stronger learning support system in all schools. It aims to empower all teachers and administrators to come up with individual and group action plans on how they can better promote equitable access to learning.

Speakers’ Profile:
Mr. Mark Shaun Agdeppa is a Special Needs Education Teacher at Brent International School and has handled kids with special needs in early grades for four years. He is currently working with kids in the Upper School. With more than 10 years of teaching and coaching experience, Mr. Agdeppa has also taught informal Physical Education to street children and has served on officiating posts in and outside the campus.

Ms. Michaela Aguilar is a graduate of Early Childhood Education. She has been teaching for five years. She has experience in preschool teaching and is now part of the Upper School Student Services team in Brent International School Manila. She is currently completing in masters studies in special education.

Ms. Arden Cecilia Gonzales has been working with children with special needs for almost six years. Ms. Gonzales has played the role of shadow teacher, resource teacher, reading and math interventionist, social thinking therapist, collaborator, mentor, coach and friend. She is currently teaching at Brent International School.

Consistency, Challenge, Care: Lost at Sea by Derek Pierce

This workshop focuses on the development and use of full value contracts and how they set a safe tone for learning. The foundation of this workshop is on how students see themselves and those around them. One’s perception is essential to taking risks and individual growth. Perceptions are linked to executive function areas like habits, memory and focus which has an impact on personal success and happiness.

Speaker Profile:
Mr. Derek Pierce is the Learning Support Grade 10 Case Manager at International School Manila. He comes from a background of teaching students who have language-based needs as well as instructing adjudicated youth in residential wilderness programs.



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