[News] SENIA Student Awardee 2012 on SENIA Youth Chapter

SENIA Manila is proud to spearhead the first-ever SENIA Youth Chapter this year.

After a successful inaugural meeting last March 9, 2013 at the International School Manila, Mr. Ericson Perez, SENIA board member, asked participants about their experiences. Ms. Andrea Zubiri, the first SENIA Student Awardee, gave a comprehensive account of her experience.

Learn from her and be inspired. 

What was the most important lesson you learned from the meeting?

The most important lesson I learned in that meeting is that there are teachers out there who want to help students who have learning challenges and want them to succeed and that makes me very happy even if I do not get them as my teachers knowing that makes me happy for the students who will get them.

Why do you wish to continue being involved with the Youth Chapter?

I would continue being involved with the youth chapter because even if I don’t reach
having a school where all teachers want to help students with learning challenges. I would want to be able to help start it in my own way.

I also hope that SENIA will help students like me and my friends realize that they should
not be ashamed to tell people they have a learning challenge because that is who they are and who God want’s them to be because maybe God wants them to help other people in their own way too and he NEVER makes mistakes. That is what I want people, parents and students torealize that you shouldn’t be scared to tell people you have a learning challenge because that is what makes you different maybe that is what even makes you smart.

Andrea Zubiri (right) works with other SENIA youth during the SENIA Youth inaugural meeting.

Andrea Zubiri (right) works with another SENIA youth during the SENIA Youth Chapter inaugural meeting.

What is your hope for the Youth Chapter?

My hope for the youth chapter is that there would be more high schools and colleges in
the Philippines that know about learning challenges so that we would have more options
because choosing schools can be difficult when you feel limited with what you can do.

What was your favorite thing that happened during the meeting?

My favorite part about the meeting was meeting new people who share the same
experience and it reminded me that I was not alone and that people like me are succeeding in high school and in college. They also share the same dream and hopes for the Philippine schools it was also nice talking to them about it and it is nice knowing how they completely understand.

I also liked speaking in front of the teachers and everyone who was participating because
after sharing my story at my first SENIA meeting I attended, I found myself enjoying public speaking and I never liked public speaking before. It also helped me be more confident in who I am to be able to help others. It also helps me accept that I have ADD.

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