International School Manila Student wins SENIA Student Award

Samantha Johnson, a grade 8 student from the International School of Manila, was named the recipient of the Special Education Network in Asia (SENIA) Student Award for 2013. Samantha received this award at the 11th SENIA Conference hosted at Jakarta International School from February 22–23, 2013.

The SENIA Student Award is given to a student with a disability who excels. It specially celebrates the achievements of a student who is able to raise awareness and inspire others on behalf of students with special needs in Asia.

During the awarding ceremony, Samantha was cited for her outstanding work in promoting awareness and advocacy for students who learn differently. Samantha has developed an outstanding video documenting her journey with learning difficulties including her successes and challenges. She was also a speaker at the Next Frontier Conference where she addressed more than 70 international school leaders and teachers about her learning journey and how she advocates for herself.  To know more about Samantha, click here.

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