[Blog] Famous People with Learning Challenges

Learning challenges is not uncommon. There are many successful people who experience learning challenges. Just take a look at this list and be inspired.


Justin Timberlake

Jamie Oliver

Karina Smirnoff

Will Smith

Michael Phelps

Jim Carrey

Ty Pennington

Sir Richard Branson

Paris Hilton

Christopher Knight

Howie Mandel

Terry Bradshaw

James Carville

Paul Orfalea

Pete Rose

Michelle Rodriguez

David Neeleman

Bruce Jenner

Solange Knowles


Tom Cruise

Orlando Bloom

Jay Leno

Robin Williams

Whoopi Goldberg

Alexander Graham Bell

Thomas Edison

Pierre Curie

Albert Einstein

Leonardo da Vinci

Tommy Hilfiger

Andy Warhol

Muhammad Ali

Winston Churchill

Greg Louganis


John Lennon


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Photo credit: Yahoo! OMG!

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