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[Blog] Famous People with Learning Challenges

Learning challenges is not uncommon. There are many successful people who experience learning challenges. Just take a look at this list and be inspired.
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[Blog] Making Inclusive Education a Reality

Today’s students learn differently and educators cannot deny this fact. The learning environment in the global village is a lot different from the learning environment many of us grew up with. Continue reading

[News] SENIA Student Awardee 2012 on SENIA Youth Chapter

SENIA Manila is proud to spearhead the first-ever SENIA Youth Chapter this year.

After a successful inaugural meeting last March 9, 2013 at the International School Manila, Mr. Ericson Perez, SENIA board member, asked participants about their experiences. Ms. Andrea Zubiri, the first SENIA Student Awardee, gave a comprehensive account of her experience.

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[News] SENIA youth express feelings about SENIA Youth Chapter

The SENIA Manila Youth Chapter completed their inaugural meeting last March 9, 2013 at the International School Manila during the SENIA Manual 2nd Annual Conference.

The nine founding members from various SENIA member schools got to know each other and worked together to define the goals of the SENIA Youth chapter. Check out what they thought about their experiences that day.

“I am extremely excited to start this Youth Chapter because it is something that I strongly believe in doing. I know when I am apart of something that wants to make a difference, there is only good that is to come out of it. This meeting we had together, as the first Youth Chapter, turned out to be something worth while; as all 9 of us clicked together for a common goal in mind. We set out to promote self advocacy and awareness within our school community and we are doing this by putting ourselves out in the open in order to stand up for others. I hope that this Youth Chapter really makes the difference in other peoples lives and makes sure that people with learning differences are able to get the help they need and the self confidence because everyone deserves a chance.”

Megan Johnson, 11th grade, International School Manila

“I really enjoyed the meeting and I’m really excited for the next. The first Youth Chapter meeting was not only inspirational but enjoyable. I can’t wait to start advocating and spending  more time with others similar to me. Thanks you SENIA for the opportunity to do just that.”

Samantha Johnson, 8th grade, International School Manila, SENIA Student Award Winner 2013

“My favorite part of this youth chapter was that I was able to meet such amazing people like  Samantha Johnson who is the winner of the SENIA Student Award 2013. It is a great honor to meet such a person. Second of all I hope that this youth chapter will be the candle that will light the way for other generations of people with learning differences so that they will be able to walk a much safer and secure road in their lives.”

Tux Miguel, 12th grade, Brent International School Manila

Thank you for letting me be part of this Youth Chapter.  My favorite part of it was meeting Samantha Johnson.  As a nominee for the SENIA award, I was really happy for her when she won and I hope that SENIA will go world wide in the next 50 years or so.”

-Jessica Malca, 12th grade, Brent International School Manila

“My favorite thing to do during the meeting was getting to know the people there, learning/working together on things that are similar and are happening to other students. Also, making the plan on the project.”

Danielle Hilker, 12th grade, Brent International School Manila

“My favorite thing about the SENIA Youth meeting was coming and meeting each other again, and talking about what we need to plan for our next presentation or idea. I look forward to us  getting along more too.”

Dominique Hilker, 12th grade, Brent International School Manila

Go forward, SENIA Youth Chapter! We are excited to see what you will accomplish!

[Photos] SENIA Youth Chapter completes inaugural meeting

The SENIA Youth Chapter held their inaugural meeting on March 6 at International School Manila.  The SENIA Youth Chapter‘s initial meeting was facilitated by SENIA Board Member Mr. Ericson Perez.

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[Photos] SENIA Manila completes 2nd Annual Conference

The Special Education Network (SENIA) Manila Chapter successfully completed its Second Annual Conference at the International School Manila last March 9, 2013.

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[Resource] Special Education Professionals in the Philippines

We understand that many are looking for competent special education professionals in the Philippines. SENIA is glad to share a directory of special education professionals as collected by Beacon School teacher and blogger Francis Buenaventura. Continue reading

[Video] What Adults Can Learn from Kids

We love TED Talks! Here’s one shared by International School Manila’s Jackilynne Mateo during the SENIA 2013 Conference.

A new and positive definition of “childish”. Enjoy!

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[Video] How Great Leaders Inspire Action

We love TED Talks! Here’s one mentioned by International School Manila’s Derek Pierce during the SENIA Manila 2013 conference.

Be inspired!

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SENIA Manila Workshop Materials now available!

Workshop facilitators from the recently concluded SENIA Manila 2013 Annual Conference unselfishly shared their workshop materials to SENIA participants.

A partial number of materials may now be downloaded from the SENIA Conference website.

Thank you to the SENIA Manila 2013 facilitators for sharing your expertise with us!